Build 6. Crafting, pipes, sounds

I added crafting window, press "C" to open it. There's only 2 recipes available now. Crafting menu and everything else also is still in work in progress so it might change a lot or not. I made this crafting mechanic to a complete state, so you can test how it feels. And I can start working on further stuff to implement in recipes and materials and so on. Also changed how picking up and placing items now works.

Oh and almost forgot! I added some sounds and pipes also!

Pipes don't do much right now. You can place and pick them up to inventory currently. I have a plan to add steam engines, so why not have steam pipes?

I think there will be some kinda tool handling and animations for cutting down trees, grass and rocks and so on, to get the items from them. Also of course recipes for those tools. and maybe how to repair them if I add tool durability..?

I'm currently studying little bit C++ and working a lot so things might not go so fast as now. I'm also thinking redoing this in C++ if I get the hang of it again. I've used C++ little bit here and there before so, but I haven't done any games with it yet. At least not to this point.

Known bugs and "features":

  • can place items behind inventory panel and other windows if item slot is selected and trying to place item.

Things I need to do:

  • new graphics added.
  • more recipes.
  • tool handling and animations..
  • some bug fixes

Also as a side note: If anyone is interested doing graphics/art for this game, contact me here or at twitter @Jukepoks1.


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Jan 28, 2018

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