Build 3

I'm thinking of developing this further. I have few plans to what it will have.

Stuff added/changed in this build:

  • simple terrain generation (different textures for floor tiles)
  • trees
  • extra debug features(speed, able to see everything, no blackness.)
  • zoom out
  • replaced some of the textures. (less yellowish green grass)
  • way faster version to load in WebGL, no more waiting

Features planned:

  • crafting system (raw material to tools and machines etc.)
  • inventory system (drag and drop system inventory or hotkey controlled quickbar)
  • better graphics (3D-models replacing simple pixelart)

For what I will probably use for graphic is 3D-models, because I really suck at making pixelart. 3D-models are then converted to 2D-sprites for use in the game.

Here's an example what could be replacing cogs sprites in game:

sprites in this image are bit z-fighting(because they overlap), but I can fix that, this was just fast implementation of them.

There's few animation speeds and resolutions to try them out.


steam machine build 4 MB
Jan 13, 2018
steam machine build 3 14 MB
Jan 13, 2018

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