Build 4. Organizing stuff

Hello I'm back again. Got some time off work and relaxed now. So I figured to do this little bit. not much, so I don't get tired again.

I've added some kinda inventory there. You can pickup wood mostly now. But it's a start and I'm preparing it for the upcoming changes and such. There's bunch of changes. most of them don't really show up, but mainly in the code that makes it bit easier to manage.

I'm still using the simple sprites for the cogs. If I update them then it's a round of doing everything else good looking too and that would take a while. And I want to currently work on the main idea and mechanic in the game. It's not much of a game yet really. 

Plans are to have inventory system working fully, selecting items in inventory, placing them or crafting stuff with them. picking up items to inventory and such. then there needs to be some sort of crafting materials and so on.. I've made already simple sprites for them to start with, but you'll see when time comes to implement them.


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Jan 21, 2018

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