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This is a game about Shift-button.
Yeah, you just shape it and avoid deadly lasergates, which it can't pass through.
But it can fit any given hole it gets. It's your job to make it fit!
Aand there's bunch of action happening on foreground to distract you.
And that's not all, it get's bit harder the longer you play it.
I hope this doesn't sound too disturbing to you, so give it a try!
Please tell me how you made it! (your best highscore)

Also controls can be first bit tricky, but I think you can manage.

If you have any trouble:
There's this darker shift-block to guide you how your shape is going to look
like before you change to it with Shift-key.
The trick is that you need to try to shapeshift just before the walls!

ARROW-KEYS or WASD to change shape
SHIFT to hold a shape (uses stamina)
ENTER to restart the level
ESC to go back to menu/exit game.(don't worry, your highscore stays there as long as you have the application/web-page open)

All sounds are made with microphone and using Audacity.
3Dmodels with Blender3D and simple shapes in Unity3D.
Unity3D used for making the game using C# in Visual Studio.
That's about it.

Tell me what did you like or not? ;)

PS: you can follow me on twitter: @Jukepoks1
also for sending links to your gameplay & give feedback!

Install instructions

Open this page in Mozilla Firefox or other Unity-Webplayer supported internet-browser. (at time of this post Google Chrome doesn't support Unity-webplayer).

WebPlayer might take a minute or two to load. Big file.

There's also downloadable exe-version for Windows at my LudumDare page.


webbuild.html 3 kB

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